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There are the most common telltale indications individuals have said about you, dog owners are good with children since you started dating: bad tippers are selfish lovers, how your date treats his mother is how he’ll treat. But as getaway designs start to grace every storefront and “The Holiday” plays for a cycle on Bravo, we wondered what someone’s love (or loathing) for the holidays unveiled. Happily, by way of our tens of thousands of concerns that scores of OkCupid users have actually answered, we effortlessly learned.

First, we asked almost 300,000 users whether or otherwise not they go into the vacation nature, as well as exactly what level — obsessed, commemorate but keep it low key, don’t celebrate, or really loathe the holiday season. Then we looked over just exactly how these exact same OkCupid users reacted to many other questions — covering sets from their emotions on fate for their relationship with marijuana. Here’s exactly what we discovered.

He may also be obsessed with himself if you’re going on a date with a guy who’s obsessed with the holidays.

Now, that declaration can be a small harsh — self- self- confidence is a thing that is good! But we discovered that guys who state they’re enthusiastic about christmas report the best quantities of self-esteem, with more than half saying their self-esteem is “very, extremely high” or “higher than normal.” Just 40% of males whom state they loathe the holiday season reacted the way that is same. For feminine daters, it is ladies who don't celebrate the holiday season (but don’t loathe them, either) whom report the greatest self-esteem amounts.

Women who loathe the holiday season are more inclined to love kink, whereas guys whom loathe the holiday season are less likely to want to.

While ladies who loathe the holidays are about 10% prone to determine as “kinky” compared to those that do celebrate (either obsessively or low-key), the opposite holds true for male daters: guys who will be enthusiastic about the holiday season would be the people that are about 10% very likely to state they’re kinky.

If the date will not commemorate christmas, they probably don’t think fate played a task in bringing you together.

Over 1 / 2 of OkCupid users have confidence in fate — and then we love that. Sure, we may depend ukrainian dating sites on figures for your Match portion, but we additionally turn to the stars*. Yet when considering users who do perhaps maybe not commemorate the holiday season, the alternative does work with fewer than half believing in fate. Ladies who usually do not celebrate are 20% less likely to want to have confidence in fate than the normal female dater, while males whom don’t are 25% more unlikely than the average male dater.

*Well, not necessarily, but we nevertheless think fate is important in getting a couple on OkCupid within the place that is first.

A guy who’s crazy in regards to the holiday breaks is more probably be in love with wedding.

Guys that are enthusiastic about christmas are 2x more prone to state they’re prepared to get hitched and settle down compared to those whom loathe them. When men that are just comparing celebrate to people who don’t, the distinction is less pronounced with celebrators being about 10percent more prone to be seeking to wed.

If you’re happening a romantic date by having a woman who’s obsessed with celebrating christmas, expect her to don’t commemorate 420.

Ladies who are enthusiastic about the holiday season are almost 2x almost certainly going to have not smoked cannabis compared to those whom loathe them. Likewise, ladies who usually do not commemorate the break period are over 2x almost certainly going to smoke cigarettes weed regularly compared to those that do commemorate.

Find an individual who seems the way that is same the holiday season while you do, at this time on OkCupid.

Information technology by Nick Aldershof. Published by Jane Reynolds. Illustrations by Travis Swinford.