thanks for Ali Waberi’s help in Djibouti

ali waberi

i meet Ali Waberi on the way to Djibouti about 60Km far away from Djibouti,he give me the important water and camel  milk.he loves china and china culture,we meet again about 10km far away from Djibouti.he take the lunch for me.he is so kind person!help me a lot on the road,he give me his phone number,invite me for a delicious dinner,invite me to his home,give me chinese tea for gift,and give me money for help.i don’t know  how to say a word to thanks him,his really like the person who know the traveler a lot,he also loves travel,when he was young,he had already travel around the world.Ali! hope to see you in china!wish you a good health and happy forever!

ali waberi

dinner at the restaurant in Djibouti with Ali Waberi,he is always like a kindly elder for me

ali waberithe delicious fish meal